Extension Remodelled

How can they do that?

I’m sure everyone has a tale to tell about the wisdom of some planning decisions and this one is probably no different. This tale is an example of how poor and inappropriate design (and I use the term ‘design’ lightly) can be given the go ahead with complete disregard for its context.

My involvement I hasten to add is to rescue the previous poor attempt by making the best of a bad job. The brief is to utilise as much of the existing extensions as possible, modify the interior so that it works more efficiently and coherently and alter the external appearance so that it is more respectful to its context.

The result is a contemporary yet harmonious grouping of minimal offshoots that make direct reference to the proportions of the existing main building and introduce a modern version of what once stood on the same site – an orangery. The re-working also creates a much improved visual and practical link to the large garden it overlooks. Where once it observed the garden, it now incorporates it.

The result may not be to everyone’s taste and some may wonder what all the fuss is about but I’m confident the proposals are a big improvement on the awful arrangement that exists at present.

Camp Hill as existing
Camp Hill as existing


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