Horsman Street

Horsman Street is a typical early Victorian terraced house which has been extended and changed over the years in a haphazard manner. Red Raven was commissioned to bring new life to the house and incorporate the small rear garden in to the property and find a solution to the unsatisfactory living room located on the ground floor.

By reconfiguring the ground floor extension and extending partially over allowed the bathroom to be relocated in a newly constructed cantilevered cube . At ground level in what was the kitchen the rear wall has been replaced with full height sliding windows to give direct access to the garden. This space is now the dinning area and what was the dark and cramped dining space becomes a light and airy new kitchen.

The end result is an uncompromisingly modern but sympathetic renovation.

horsmanStreet-rear horsmanStreet-2 horsmanStreet-3 horsmanStreet-4 horsmanStreet-5

horsmanStreet-7 horsmanStreet-6


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