Red Raven Design. Published the June 2006 edition of Concept For Living.

The article Modem Moods (pages 30-38) is a photographic exploration of the interior of a private house designed for the client/builder. Completed in late 2005, the house was designed to have a homely but minimalist feel to the interiors. This was only achievable with the help of a builder that had the same attention to detail as myself.

The photograph above (copyright: Concept For Living) shows the double height living space with the adjoining kitchen/dining room through the glass doors. The glazed balcony areas above form a generous landing space from where the four bedrooms are accessed. The landing overlooks the main living space, and vice versa, without intruding on each other’s privacy allowing small ‘retreats’ to be used for reading or simply avoiding the hurly burly of the family.

Published in Concept for Living

Master Suite, The Grove Lounge, The Grove


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